As Administrator, for the SLCUC Audit process, we are providing the following information to facilitate timely completion of your audit. The local Industrial Plants have developed and provided a priority list of contractors they wish to have audited. You were selected from that list. Please log onto the Safety Council SWLA web page to review the Audit Q&A and for other information. This “Pre-Audit Information Packet” is provided so you can properly prepare for your audit. Failure to prepare properly for your audit could extend the time required, and could result in additional fees. Once your audit has started, you will be locked out and unable to update your PQF. You are audited against what is in your PQF so if changes are needed they should be made ASAP. If your PQF has expired, it must be renewed in order for an audit to be conducted.

Audit Participation:

  • The SLCUC Audit process has two basic elements. The first is the electronic PQF, which must be renewed annually to remain current. The second is the compliance Audit you are being notified of at this time.
  • If, you decide to not participate in the Audit, you must notify the Safety Council at once. Upon receipt of this notification, the Safety Council will notify the plants who have requested your audit. The SLCUC Audit oversight committee will also receive a copy.
  • If the local plants maintain that an audit is required, and you still elect to not participate, your PQF will reflect, “Audit refused” in the audit area of the PQF web site list.
  • Any decision regarding your approval for work within a particular plant(s) will be handled directly with those plants and will not be indicated within the PQF/Audit process. The Safety Council will not be involved with this decision.

Audit fee:

  • The standard cost of the Audit is $1,000. Additional costs may be incurred, if travel or substantial  additional time for your audit is required. Such costs will be discussed at the audit opening conference. The Safety Council will invoice you for the Audit upon completion. Failure to timely pay for your audit will be
  • referred to Oversight committee.
  • Once all options to obtain payment have failed, a posting will be made on the audit portion of the web site “refusal to pay fees”. This will lock out your audit and prevent you from re-newing your PQF, which will then be shown as “expired”.

Reactivation of your PQF/Audit privileges will require full payment of fees plus a reactivation fee of $200.

Audit Closure:

  • At the closing conference, a specific timeframe for closure of audit finding will be established using the protocol for findings closure adopted by the SLCUC PQF/Audit oversight committee.
  • If you disagree, with either the finding(s) or the timeline for closure, you may submit your argument directly to the committee by notifying the administrator of your desire to do so.
  • Failure to close findings, within the agreed to or modified timeframe, will result in referral of your audit closure to the Southwest Louisiana Contractors Users’ Council-SLCUC Safety Audit Process oversight committee and a notification being sent to all local plant contacts.
  • Actions by the committee may include a posting on the website indicating your failure to close the finding(s) or other action they deem appropriate. This action (web posting) will result in your being “locked out” of the system, which will prevent access to your audit to close findings or to access your PQF to make
  • changes. Once your current PQF expires, you will not be allowed to renew and your PQF will be listed as expired. If this occurs, and you later decide to reactive your PQF and close open findings, you will be assessed a $200 reactivation fee, which must be paid prior to be being allowed back into the system.


  1. Authorization letter to Medical Provider to verify they are providing the services you indicate on your PQF.
  2. Authorization letter to your Drug & Alcohol screening provider to verify they are providing the services you indicate on your PQF.
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