Customized Identification Badges are a relatively inexpensive way to add security to your facility. Each card is designed according to your specific needs and with your final approval. Our goal is to provide you the most convenient and secure identification cards for the best price.

Our rugged identification badges are made of PVC plastic which will withstand the elements of a tough environment. The cards are 3 3/8 inches wide by 2 1/8 inches high and have the feel of a credit card. They can be either horizontal or vertical and can have a hole punched for a clip to be attached.


The employee’s picture can be programmed from 1/2 to 2 inches in size; the standard picture is 1 1/2 inches. Your employee’s name and other identifying information such as employee number and training records can be put on the badge.

Organization’s Logo

Your custom logo on the badge will identify your organization or company.

Employee Name

Your employee’s name will identify him or her as an employee of your organization or company.

Employee ID Number

The employee’s ID number and a unique Safety Council number can be put on the card. Other numbers such as Social Security can be hidden in the protected 2DSuperscript bar code.

Custom Text and Date

Custom text or the date the card was issued or expired can be printed on the card.

Back of Card

Addition text containing employee information can be written on the back of the card where the text is visible.

Bar Code

The badge has a 2DSuperscript bar code and a linear bar code. The common linear bar code can be used with a scanner to identify your employee. The second bar code is the 2DSupersript bar code which has numerous advantages. By storing private information such as biometrics, medical records, security access codes, credit account numbers, signatures, and photographs onto documents including passports, National ID Cards, health cards and other printed materials, your information becomes a portable database. It can be use wherever and whenever the user needs it. The private information is protected from access by unauthorized users. The 2DSuperscript can have approximately 2 pages of information (2200 bytes) stored in the bar code section of the card. The card is encrypted to protect the information that the bar code contains. Either bar code can be read with a reader and directed to record information in your computer system. The 2DSuperscript cannot be altered without rendering the encoded information useless. The entire 2DSuperscript or portions of the data inside can be encrypted prior to generation. The fields can also be hidden. The 2DSupersript can be built unique to your system (unique ID).

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