Sasol has two main types of vendors/service providers: Those that do work inside the plant proper and laboratories, and those that support the facility with services and products, but do not need to enter the plant or laboratories.
Different information and auditing requirements are required for those companies with employees that will enter the plant or laboratories. These companies need to complete a “Pre Qualification Form” (PQF) and submit to a third party audit a minimum of every three years. To complete this form, please CLICK HERE.
For companies that would like to do business with Sasol, but do not need unescorted access to the facility, a complete and current “Vendor Vet” form is required. Examples of these companies include: training providers, caterers, printers, specialty item providers, etc. To complete this form, please CLICK HERE.
By completing either of these forms, you are not only on a list for Sasol’s consideration, but your information will also be available to all other companies who use this system to identify and qualify potential vendors and service providers.


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