The owner members of the Southwest Louisiana Construction Users Council (SLCUC) recognize the benefits of maintaining adequate availability of qualified contract construction and maintenance workers for employment in its facilities. The owners support craft training and certification through the various avenues listed in the details of this policy. In addition, as part of its ongoing commitment to Process Safety Management, the owner companies of the SLCUC support the utilization of contractors who employ:

I – “A Craft” workers whose skills have been certified in accordance with one or more of the following processes.

a. Pre-NCCER testing standards (see Note 1)

  • NCCER testing protocol (see Note 2)

  • DOL Apprenticeship programs

  • Certification process for welders per Sec IX of the ASME Boiler Code or other recognized industry standard

  • OSHA compliant certification process for operators of construction equipment (lift cranes, lift trucks, earth moving, excavation, etc.)

  • NICET certification process for instrumentation work

II – Craft workers whose skill assessment levels do not meet the standards for classification as “A Craft”, but who have met individual owner members’ requirements to perform work in their facilities.

III – Craft “trainees” who, at and during the time of their employment, are fully engaged in one of the following programs:

  • NCCER Contren curriculum administered by the ABC Training Center in conjunction with continuing employment by a contractor utilizing them in the craft in which they are being trained.

  • DOL Apprenticeship program.

IV – Specialty and service contract workers who have been trained and certified by their employers as having the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively perform their specialty or service function. For this group of contract workers, individual owner members will determine acceptable level(s) of training and certification.

V - Other contract workers, such as helpers, laborers, etc., who have met individual owner members’ requirements to perform work in their facilities.

Contractors will maintain and provide on demand documentation of written testing, practical testing, and/or performance verification, as applicable, which certifies every craft, specialty, or service worker’s competency. They will also maintain and provide on demand documentation of training status for “trainees”.

This “Participation Policy” will be reviewed periodically by the Skill Certification Committee of the SLCUC in order to make adjustments to it as appropriate.

Note 1: Pre-NCCER testing standards are those that have been required by SLCUC to be in place since December 31, 2000. This standard was communicated prior to that date to all area contractors and defined as “a validated skills evaluation program, equal to or better than the one utilized by ABC” (See Attachments 1 and 2). For “A Craft” workers already certified, no further certification is required. This standard may also be used until December 31, 2004, for workers progressing to and being certified for the first time at the “A Craft” level.

Note 2: Workers who have been certified by the NCCER testing protocol are considered to be performing at the “A Craft” level if:

a – they have a history of working in their craft for a minimum of 4 years, and
b – they have met the cut score on the NCCER test in their craft, and
c – they have met the requirements to pass a practical test in their craft that meet or exceed NCCER standards.

This standard is required for all workers who become certified for the first time at the “A Craft” level after December 31, 2004

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