The teenSMART program curriculum approach is targeted specifically toward today’s teen learner. Teens are encouraged to apply the program’s concepts and ideas, rather than be passive receptors of information.

The teenSMART program is proven to reduce teen crash rates by as much as 30%. The teenSMART program has been created for one simple reason: to reduce the chance that teens will get into an accident.

In order to achieve this desired outcome, the program has been designed to give teens the information and skills they need to:
boost their driving confidence,
sharpen their decision-making skills behind the wheel,
improve their overall driving performance, and
avoid the kind of risky lifestyle choices that lead to unsafe driving and accidents

The fee for the class is $35. Cash, Money Orders, Visa, Master Card, and American Express are all acceptable forms of payments.
You must register with the Safety Council SWLA and pay for the class before the class will be scheduled.
The class is a four-hour class that is held on the first Saturday morning, of each month, starting at 7:45AM.

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