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How much? How do I pay? How long?

Answer:  Basic Orientation Plus (13BOP) course requires a passing score and will yield an
ARSC reciprocal card, otherwise referred to as an OSHA/SAFETY card.

Members  $44       Non-Members $50

Social Security Verification $5 (Required for all first time Basic Orientation Plus)

Basic Orientation Plus Refresher (13BOPR) course

Members  $39      Non-Members $45 

Replacement Cards $10

CLICK HERE To see our course list with prices and the course length.

Answer:  CLICK HERE for course prices, and course lengths.

• Go to
From this home screen click LOG IN HERE.


• You will then see a computer icon that says WEB REGISTRATION.


• Under the user name & password box, you will see CREATE AN ACCOUNT.


• It will then ask why you are creating this account


• Once you have created your username / password & are logged into your
Web Registration Account - Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
Under QUICK LINKS you will see 4 boxes.
Click on the 1st box - CLASS REGISTRATION.


• Student Identifier –this is the Social Security number of the person registering.
You will then input the student’s personal information.
CLICK SUBMIT to continue.


• Payment - provide credit card # and expiration.
(This is for the course you will be selecting next)
CLICK SUBMIT to continue.


• SELECT COURSE you are registering for. BASIC ORIENTATION PLUS (13BOP) CLICK SUMBIT to continue on.


• SELECT DATE / TIME you would like to test. Select 6:45AM for test time.


**NOTE** The cost of this course is $55.00 - You’re credit card will not be charged until the morning of class. Check in time for this class is 6:30AM. Class starts at 7AM sharp, ends approximately 12PM. If you are not checked in / present for 7AM start time, you will have to reschedule for the following day.


**ALSO** There are NO REFUNDS once payment is made. Student will have 2 business days to reschedule course due to no-show / late arrival. If course is not taken within this time frame, student will lose his/her money & have to reschedule from start.


If course is failed, the student will have to repeat this entire process until successful completion is met. The cost of the course, if failed, will be $50.00 each time thereafter. You may download a study guide for this class @


Answer:  You can pay at the time of Check-in, we accept cash and all major credit cards.

Answer:  All courses are different. CLICK HERE to see our course list.

Answer:  NO, DO NOT CALL THE SAFETY COUNCIL.  We do not offer TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card).. 

Please contact 1-866-347-8942

1 Lake Shore Drive Suite 105 Lake Charles, LA 70629-0127

Hours:  Monday - Friday: 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM

Note: The Lake Charles Enrollment Center is located at the Capital One Tower Building. 

There is truck parking available in the Lake Charles Civic Center parking lot located across the street to the south.  There is also parking available to the north on Ann Street.

Answer:  Some plants require the Basic Orientation Plus (13BOP). However, workers must contact the company or plant where they are scheduled to work for specific training requirements.

Answer:  We do not keep a list of job openings.

However you may find the Workforce Resource Guide helpful.

Answer:  Yes.  However, you must be a member, and have approved credit.

CLICK HERE to learn more about membership.

CLICK HERE to submit a credit application.

Answer:  Yes, we honor all valid cards from all participating ARSC (Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils) members (See members here).  Provided your employee can present a valid identification, and the training is included in the reciprocal agreement.

Answer:  All ARSC member councils are under agreement to accept our Basic Orientation Plus and any other transferable courses. For more information on ARSC and a list of member councils and transferable courses visit their website at .

ANSWER:  CLICK HERE to Fill out, and submit the online registration form. Within 24 hours a
staff member will notify you via email providing you with your username and

Answer:  No, however, if your employees are scheduled for courses that require a TWIC
card as a prerequisite those courses will not be provided unless a TWIC card is
presented and validated.

Also known as: The "Safety Card", the "OSHA Card", or Basic Lake Charles (13 BLC)

Answer: To get a replacement card, bring proper ID to the Safety Council check-in window. The charge is $10.00.

Answer:  We require State or Government issued picture ID (US Drivers License, TWIC, US Military ID, Department of Corrections Card, or International Passport).

Answer:  Yes.  CLICK HERE for the Basic Orientation Plus Study Guide.

Answer:  If less than four years has passed from the expiration date, you are eligible to take the computer based Basic Orientation Plus Refresher course.  If more than four years have elapsed you must retake the Basic Orientation Plus Class.


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